since more than 30 years
I do my work as a frontman
having so much fun on stage
changing words into passion
and turning that passion into music

“I could tell you a lot of funny things that have happened within the last 30 Years in studios or on stage, but the best way to understand what I’m doing is to listen too my music.”


Welcome friends to my website!

In the course of my 30 years working as a vocalist, songwriter and music-producer, I’ve seen and heard a lot, which would be worth mentioning, but I’d like to limit the information to the essentials. If you are interested in more, then feel free to contact me!

Back in 1993 I founded my own label called Non-Stop Music Productions (NSMP).
The idea behind NSMP was to produce my own music independently from record companies and later license my productions to labels worldwide. I also intend to help produce and record other independent artists.

This is what I’ve done since then and this is what I’m still doing

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