Now streaming live classic AOR Hard Rock Perfect Strangers Outside Lookin’-in 2024 Remaster 17 songs incl. bonus demos. Available on all streaming platforms via the link. Enjoy!

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It took a while remastering 17 songs, but I hope you like the result.
I remember back in those with a limited recording budget we were lucky if we had a few hours to perform our parts, but glad we did ‘cos now we can share it with our fans worldwide.
Features: Ian Parry – vocals (Elegy)
Wilko van Beek – Guitar (ex-Hammerhead)
Barend Courbois – Bass (Michael Schenker)
Jos Zoomer – Drums (ex-Vandenberg)
Ronald de Grauw – keyboards (ex-Picture)
A series of recordings between 1989-’90 & after 35yrs remastered by Ian for digital streaming worldwide.

Perfect Strangers during filming a promo video “Hollywood Star”.