Non-Stop Music Productions (NSMP)

NSMP was foundered by Ian Parry back in 1993, originally under the name Non-Stop Productions.

Non-Stop Music Productions (NSMP)

The idea behind NSP was to enable Ian to produce his own albums independently from record companies and later license his productions to labels worldwide.

Ian has successfully achieved part of his dream recording and producing 4 solo albums and more recently the 4th part of his rock-metal opera concept Consortium Project, but wishes to take his years of experience a step further. Ian is not only a well-established rock-metal singer, but has achieved notoriety as a songwriter and producer, which you can also hear on the 2001 Elegy Principles of Pains c.d.

Ian intends to put this valued experience to great use in the future and work with new talent via his production company.
Non-Stop Music Productions.More news will follow from NSMP about how bands at first in the rock & metal genre will be able to send MP3’s to Ian who will make time to check out each new band or artist individually. NSMP also plan to management duties setting up live shows, negotiating artist recording contracts, signing of new acts produced by Ian personally and helping bands find licensing agreements worldwide for their products. So stay tuned to this site for more information.

Let’s Keep music alive and kickin’ NSMP

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Recordings to Date:

Artist Album Label, date
Ian Parry ‘Symphony of Dreams’ Non-Stop Productions ,1993
Ian Parry ‘Artistic Licence’ Non-Stop Productions/Zero,1994
Ian Parry ‘Thru’ the Looking Glass’ (Ayreon / ex-Vengeance) Non-Stop Productions/Zero, 1995
Ian Parry ‘Shadowman’ best of  Noise records, July 2000
Ian Parry ‘Visions’ Escape Music Europe, Scarecrow records Mexico 2006. Progrockrecords USA, Dynamo records Brazil 2007

Ian Parry’s Consortium Project I ‘Criminals & Kings’ Nippon Crown, Japan, InsideOut Europe & America 1999
Consortium Project II ‘Continuum in Extremis‘ King records Japan, Locomotive Music Europe 2001

Consortium Project/Elegy Led Zeppelin tribute c.d. Locomotive Music, 2002
(Special guests Mike Chlasciak – Rob Halford band and Casey Grillo – Kamelot)

Consortium Project III ‘Terra Incognita’ (The undiscovered world) Century Media Records Europe 2003
Consortium Project IV ‘Children of Tomorrow’ AOR-Metal Heaven Europe/ Progrockrecrods USA/ Dynamo records Brazil 2007

Dawn of Destiny ‘Human Fragility’ in September 2009

‘Kingdom of Utopia’ in November 2009

Ani Lozanova ‘Miracle’ in February 2011

Rock Emporium ‘ Ministry of Rock’ in early 2016
Rock Emporium ‘Society of Friends’ in May 2016

Ian Parry 5th Solo album “In Flagrante Delicto” released in Feb 2020

Rock Emporium 2 “Brute Force” released in March 2021

PENTALOGY – all highlights of the 5 Consortium Projects in June 2016

Plus “Ian Parry’s Consortium Project 1 “Criminals & Kings” 2023 Remaster digital release.

Additional recordings & producing:
Iron Maiden Tribute ‘Slave to the Power’ Meteorcity USA /JVC Japan Oct 2000
Elegy ‘Principles of Pain’ Marquee records Japan/ Locomotive music 2002

Elegy “State of Mind & Manifestation of Fear” 2023 Remaster digital debut release 2023 & “Forbidden Fruit & Principles of Pain” 2024 Remaster digital release. Also making it’s debut release 2 solo album’s from Ian “Visions” 2023 Remaster & “Through The Looking-Glass 2024 Remaster” (featuring the co-written song “Tell Me Why” with Arjen Ayreon Lucassen.

Contact: info@ianparry. com

Non-Stop Music Productions (NSMP) uses SPL preamps
Ian Parry’s Non-Stop Music Productions (NSMP) – Studio uses SPL preamps!