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Rock Emporium 2 album coming in 2021.

Rock Emporium 2 album coming in 2021

Ian is back in the studio recording vocals and co-writing songs with Dimitris Goutziamanis (Rock Emporium “Society of Friends”), Walter Cianciusi & Dario Parente (Jeff Tate band/Headless). Rock Emporium 2 will also include many familiar musicians appearing on the first album release from 2016. Already a number of powerful melodic rock songs have been written & plans are being made for live shows in Europe (Italy, Greece & Holland) in the spring of 2021. More news coming soon!

Ian Parry back in the studio recording vocals 2020

Ian Parry’s “Act of Crime” Tour 2020 confirmed dates

It is with great pleasure to announce 5 confirmed live dates for the “Act of Crime” Tour commencing from October 2020.

The shows will include an all star line-up & a “Blast from the Past” selection of songs from my solo albums “In Flagrante Delicto & Visions” plus the best of Rock Emporium; Consortium Project; Elegy & a few special classic rock/metal tributes.

(N.B. Any changes due to the unsettling circumstances we are experiencing, will be announced).

Further details coming soon. Take care & stay safe Ian.

Ian Parry “Act of Crime”Tour dates 2020

ETERNITY’S END “THE FIRE WITHIN” featuring guitarist Christian Muenzner & Ian Parry on vocals 2016

Eternity’s End 2016 Fire Within debut featuring Ian Parry & Christian Muenzner

Fire Within was released in Europe and Japan via Marquee records in 2016 and contains 10 incredible melodic power metal tracks with the exception of a co-written melodic Hard Rock track “White Lies”. (see review for description).

Progressive power metal gold – 98%

Agonymph, January 14th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Power Prog Records

Everything Christian Muenzner touches turns to gold, or so it seems. Obscura was one of the very few modern technical death metal bands I loved, Alkaloid was one of the most unique progressive metal bands in recent years and ‘The Fire Within’, the debut album from his progressive power metal band Eternity’s End, contains some of the best contemporary power metal I have heard in years. Muenzner appears to be the melodic conscience of most of his bands and it is that side that of his songwriting personality that is on full display here. No song here is less than good.

Being a progressive power metal album, ‘The Fire Within’ contains all of the guitar harmonies, whirlwind guitar solos, memorable choruses, fantasy lyrics and Symphony X-isms you could wish for, but Eternity’s End adds a much larger dose of intensity and aggression to the mix. As a result, the riffs set the record on fire and the choruses sound proud and strong rather than tepid invitations to sing along. It helps that Ian Parry sings these songs, as these are his best performances since his early Elegy days. His clean-but-raw approach is perfect for Muenzner’s songs and he sometimes reaches heights I didn’t realize he was capable of reaching.

As good as Parry, keyboard player Jimmy Pitts and the rock solid rhythm section of Muenzner’s former Obscura buddies Linus Klausenitzer and drummer extraordinaire Hannes Grossmann are, Muenzner’s riffs are really what make the record. They have a fat, beefy bottom end, which gives them a propulsive quality that many modern power metal bands lack. They are often fast, but Muenzner knows how to apply dynamics do his songs, often opening up an otherwise dense song with a strong chorus or a remarkable melodic passage, which is the case in songs like the excellent ‘Eagle Divine’ or the incredible ‘The Hourglass’.

Songwriting-wise, there is literally nothing to complain about here. The album has a really pleasant flow, moving back and forth between gripping, catchy power metal songs like ‘Demonblade’, ‘Moonstruck’ and the title track and more epic tracks like the monumental closer ‘The Fall Of The House Of Usher’. The latter feels significantly shorter than the eight minutes it actually takes to finish and the instrumentals are nothing short of breathtaking. Halfway through, the relatively midtempo, eighties hardrock inspired ‘White Lies’ manages to function as a breather without even getting close to ballad territory.

There is almost too much talent in Eternity’s End, but fortunately, all of the musicians involved are aware of the fact that the songs are more important than displays of virtuosity. Sure, there is some incredible musicianship going on, by Grossmann and Muenzner himself most prominently, but no single solo triumphs over the immense melodic qualities of this masterpiece of an album. Anyone whose heart beats faster upon hearing energetic, yet classy power metal should at least give Eternity’s End a chance. I can assure you more “chances” will follow. Here’s to hoping this will be more than a one-off.

Recommended tracks: ‘The Fall Of The House Of Usher’, ‘The Hourglass’, ‘Eagle Divine’

Originally written for my Kevy Metal weblog

Fitting Title…Because This Album is On Fire! – 99%

Dragonflame1994, March 27th, 2016
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Power Prog Records

Here’s a little known fact, tech-death legend Christian Muenzner known for some of the most blistering guitar work ever written in the greatest tech-death bands to ever form including Necrophagist, Obscura and Spawn of Possession is also a huge fan of neo-classical power metal, in his own words he called the style “his first love” which he wanted to return to for many years now and so the realization of that dream came about in the creation of Eternity’s End! I myself am a huge fan of neo-classical power metal, I actually consider it to be my favorite genre of music and I have been highly anticipating this album for a couple years now. Let me tell you now that it does not disappoint in the least bit! If you’re a fan of 80s Yngwie Malmsteen and 90s Symphony X you’ll love this album.

So let me explain to you now why this album will be regarded as one of the greatest modern neo-classical power metal albums of all time. The Fire Within has the same line-up as Christian’s last instrumental neo-classical solo album (Which I personally consider one of the top 5 greatest instrumental solo albums ever), except this time with the inclusion of the powerful, gritty and driving vocals of Ian Parry, who is a Dio disciple if I’ve ever heard one, one of the closest to sound like the grandfather of heavy metal that I’ve heard in many years. However. I wouldn’t call Parry a Dio clone. Yes, he stays mostly in the Dio-esque gritty tone, but he is also known to unleash some killer falsettos at times. His vocal work in the mid-paced, anthemic mini-epic about Stephen King’s dark fantasy series, aptly titled “The Dark Tower” is especially fantastic.

Christian’s songwriting is in absolute top shape here, I guarantee it’ll take only one listen of tracks like “The Fire Within” or “Eagle Divine” to get stuck in your head with how catchy those choruses are and all the melodic hooks the songs have. Naturally with neo-classical metal, the lead work is the focal point here and between Christian’s blazing fast solos and Jimmy Pitts’ equally astonishing keyboard wizardry, it’s hard to imagine a fan of shred not being satisfied by this album. Just listen to the jaw-dropping fretwork displayed on songs like “Moonstruck” or “Twilight Warrior” and try not to be amazed. Speaking of the keyboards, aside from the insane solos Pitts does, he also really knows how to add to the atmosphere of a track as well. Most notably that synthy intro to White Lies will take you back in time to the days of Yngwie’s album Trilogy, but also the little orchestral touches to songs like “Demonblade” or the awesome harpsichord bits in many various songs enhance the epicness of them.

So I seem to have been neglecting the rhythm section of the band this entire time (Much like a lot of neo-classical metal seems to do) and I apologize for this because Muenzner, may be known for his shredding, but he is definitely a riff machine as well. Very technical and heavy riffing that has a bit of a tech-death feel to it at times (Hmmm, I wonder why?) can be heard on almost every song, but my personal favorite riffs come from the thrash infused “The Fall of the House of Usher” and the more proggy “Hourglass”, Christian’s riffing might also remind you of Symphony X guitar legend Michael Romeo occasionally.

Now on to the backbone of the band, the drums and bass. Hannes Grossmann is widely recognized as one of the most talented drummers in the metal scene today. His drumming on this album is no different and his galloping drum patterns and double bass kick fury gives these songs that special added boost of excitement. Linus Klausenitzer is also a very competent bassist and while his bass playing may take a bit of a backseat in this band and not be as adventurous as the tech-death bands he’s in, he does find a nice groove in the band and add to the intensity that this upbeat kind of music craves.

Overall this album is Muenzner and company firing on all cylinders, at all times. Starting with a nice heavy riff and some lightning fast arpeggios in the title track, this debut album from Eternity’s End barely slows down from that point on, with just a couple mid-paced songs and absolutely no cliché power ballads, The Fire Within is, wait for it….On fire! From start to finish and leaves nothing to be desired if you’re a fan of shredtastic and riff driven, catchy, speedy, melodic power metal.


Ian Parry is proud to announce signing a worldwide license deal with Metal Mind Productions for his new 5th solo album “In Flagrante Delicto”. With a touch of fictional fantasy the new solo album deals with issues of plastic waste being a subject Ian has been writing about since the release of his 4th solo cd “Visions” back in 2006. Containing 10 powerful melody rock synthesizer – guitar based tracks co-written by Ian & colleagues Jeroen van der Wiel (Keyboards) & Stephan Lill (guitars) “In Flagrante Delicto” meaning “in the very act of commiting a crime” will be released worldwide on February 21st 2020, in Europe, the USA, Japan & Asia. (see link to visit Metal Mind Productions homepage)—new-album-to-be-released-in-february-2020.html

Produced by Ian “In Flagrante Delicto” has been masterfully mixed by Swedish engineer/producer Martin Kronlund (Hammerfall/ Firewind/ Rock Emporium).

Appearing along side Ian are some of the best musicians from the world of rock & metal:


Stephan Lil (Vanden Plas/ Consortium Project/ Ian Parry – Visions)

Patrick Rondat (Jean Michel Jarre/ Consortium Project/ Elegy)

Timo Somers (Delain/ Rock Emporium/ Vengeance


Jeroen van der Wiel (Rock Emporium/ Odyssice/ Thirteen

Joshua Dutrieux (Consortium Project/ Elegy/ Sensation White


Casey Grillo (Queensrÿke/ Kamelot/ Consortium Project/ Ian Parry-Visions

Imre Daun (Rock Emporium/Gypsy Rose/Brian Robertsons The Clan)

Andreas Lill (Vanden Plas/ Ian Parry-Visions)

Garry King (Joe Lynn Turner Band/ Rock Emporium)

Bass players:

Barend Courbois (Blind Guardian/Rock Emporium/Vengeance)

Torsten Reichert (Vanden Plas/ Ian Parry-Visions)

Marcel van der Zwam (Consortium Project)

Guido Stöcker (Bodyguerra)

More album information & news coming soon.

Here’s a link to hear the radio sampler & a taste of what’s to come:


Ian has finished all guitar recordings with Dutch guitarist Timo Somers (Delain) and bassist Barend Courbois (Blind Guardian) for the debut Rock Emporium studio album.
Once Ian finishes mixing, he hopes to have the album ready for release in the spring of 2015.
Plans via a promoter are also in the making for a Live tour commencing May 2015.


It is with great pleasure to announce that I will be appearing live on stage in Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria & Greece as special guest singer with Italian Rockers HEADLESS.
I will be performing the last 5 shows from their European tour as support act for FATES WARNING.

HEADLESS are promoting their latest album entitled “Growing Apart” released in 2013 via Lion Music (Consortium Project). The album features vocalist Goran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen) & special guest drummer Scott Rockenfield (Queensryche).

To hear the amazing songs from Walter Cianciusi & HEADLESS visit the Lion Music site or go to: for all details of their European tour dates.

Quote “I am looking forward to rockin’ on stage with Headless and to meet ‘n’ greet all our Fans & Friends who can come & see us live on stage”. Here’s a list of the shows I will be performing with HEADLESS:

11/11/2014 Hard Place Zagreb, Croatia/Hrvatska
12/11/2014 Dom Onladine Belgrade, Serbia
13/11/2014 Mixtape 5 Sofia, Bulgaria
14/11/2014 Stage Club Larissa, Greece
15/11/2014 Gagarin 2005 Athens, Greece

Crystal tears CD release parties in Greece were a big success

Crystal Tears C.D. Presentation Argy’s bar Thessaloniki Friday 17th September 2010

Check out the new Crystal Tears “Nightmare Serenade” video on MTV Headbangers ball Greece
click here for the MTV Crystal Tears video link

Well to my delight finally Friday evening came and it was the BIG event for Crystal Tears and the c.d. release party and being the singer in the band naturally I was there and what a night. More than 300 fans and friends came out in force to support C.T. and the release of the new Generation X c.d. Continue reading

Kingdom of Utopia

The debut Infinity Overture album ‘Kingdom of Utopia’ has been receiving rave reviews worldwide. (see links for reviews) Ian & Niels are busy planning some one time only live shows for Infinity Overture in the Netherlands in January 2010. (keep checking the homepage for live dates).

The album is based on a lyrical concept written by Ian Parry called “Kingdom of Utopia” and will be released worldwide via Lion Music on October 9th 2009. Ian will join Niels and Infinity Overture live on stage for 2 exclusive c.d. presentations in Denmark on October the 9th and 17th. Check out the Lion Music site for more information.

CD Reviews & Live reports

Check out the latest Crystal Tears interview with the Greece Metal Fanzine Blindmaggot. Click here for the complete interview.
Chrisafis explains all about the new Crystal Tears album Generation X with a detailed description of each song.

Live report found on, posted on the 20th May 2009 by Andreas Kountouras.CRYSTAL TEARS live report, 15th May 2009, Eightball Club (EVERFLOW asthe opening act).
250 TICKETS!!! That’s unique… click here for the complete review <


Zware Kingdom of Utopia review click here for the complete review
Kingdom of Utopia review 97/100 click here for the complete review
Informazione Metal reviews Kingdom of Utopia to a striking 9/10 points click here for the complete review
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MindView review 6/7 click here for the complete review
Ravenheart review of Kingdom of Utopia 8.5 out of 10 click here for the complete review

Human Fragility

Ian recently recorded a special guest performance singing lead and backing vocals on the title track from the new Dawn of Destiny album “Human Fragility” from German Gothic Neo-Classical metal band.
“Human Fragility” has it’s worldwide release on September 21st 2009 via Shark Records Germany.

Quote Ian: “Jens Faber the bassist and incredible songwriter invited me to sing vocals on Human Fragility and I am thrilled to bits with how it turned out. Dawn of Destiny are an exciting and powerful young band who in my opinion will have a lot of success with their fantastic music”.
For more information visit the Dawn of Destiny homepage.


In November and December 2008 Ian joined US metal guitarist Joe Stump for a number of dates to promote Joe’s new album ‘Reign of Terror’. Touring personnel: Joe Stump-guitar, Jay Rigney-bass, Erik Stout-drums, Ian Parry-vocals.

So far Ian has performed 5 shows with Joe Stump which is gaining tons of support across Europe.
Quote Ian: “It was bloody marvellous to be back in the UK playing in London again. The fans and club owners where fantastic especially everyone at the Attic Room”.

Ian invited photographer Frans van Arkel (the founder of both the Rainbow & Hammerhead fan clubs) to the
Joe Stump show in De Bosuil Weert (NL) to make some exclusive pictures.

Christmas Metal Symphony show

The Christmas Metal Symphony show in 013 Tilburg was a great succes. Ian performed a special duet with Germany Legend DORO as well as singing an number of other Classic Metal songs.

Christmas Metal Symphony is the brainchild from Ian’s old Hammerhead colleague Bert van de Watering 55Live in co-operation with Nuclear Blast. The first of these unique concept concerts had it’s debut in 013 Tilburg one of finest venues in the Netherlands.

The very best (international) singers such as DORO, RUSSELL ALLEN (Symphony X), MATS LEVÉN (Therion), JOHAN EDLUND (Tiamat) and musicians from the Dutch metal scene from EPICA, AFTER FOREVER & ORPHANAGE performed many classic metal songs together with a 30 piece orchestra MAGNUS OPUS ROCKESTRA.

ELEGY: Box Set Due In February

ELEGY: Box Set Due In FebruaryElegy C.D. box-set 7 albums + video bonuses Metal Mind Productions.
Ian is proud to announce the release of an Elegy c.d. box-set containing 7 of Elegy’s finest c.d. recordings including 18 bonus tracks and behind thee scenes home video live acoustic sessions performed by Ian & ex-Elegy guitarist Henk van de Laars during their 1998 TV & Radio promotional tour of Japan.

The Elegy gold disc box set re-releases have now been released by Metal Mind Productions Poland across Europe and is scheduled for release in the USA in May 2009.

As Ian explained to journalists recently: “I always wanted to have the chance to get the live home video recordings from the Japanese acoustic sessions for cable TV on disc and the albums re-mastered, especially Elegy’s State of mind album, which now sounds 10 times more powerful with the new digital mastering. We didn’t have this back in 1997, but even more cool for the fans now is they have the chance to view all the official Elegy video clips and hear previously unreleased demo & bonus tracks”.

Please visit for more details.

There are some reviews available on the net.
Click here for Holland, Italy, Metal Mind Poland.

The new Consortium Project video clip “Nowhere Fast” is almost finished!

In December the Consortium Project band filmed their 2nd video clip “Nowhere fast”. The location was the well-known discotheque “Outland” in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Later in January 2008 Ian filmed extra footage in the mountain region in Egypt near the Red Sea. Expectations are high due to the impressive camera work plus additional 3-D digital FX. The band is grateful to their fans and hopes to gain more than the 14,000 hits “Enigma” received on YouTube. Check out the Enigma video on

Ian in Ahoy Rotterdam (NL)

Ian is to appear at Ahoy Rotterdam as special guest singer together with Andy Scott (former Sweet guitarist). Ian will perform a medley of songs from some of the classic rock hits from British glam pop/rock giants The Sweet at the Classics in Rock festival on Saturday, April 12th.

Other well known artists appearing at the festival will be Survivor singer Jimi Jamison, Fish (Marillion) Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow) plus a great line-up of many famous musicians from this incredible genre.

Ian would like to say a special thank you to all the fans who came to Oss last Friday. Their warm applause and support was very much welcomed by Ian and all his colleagues from the Consortium band.

Ian wishes to thanks his fans and friends alike for all their kind get well wishes.
Ian is recovering well from his throat and lung infection and wants to thanks everyone who sent all the get well wishes.
Quote Ian: “all the kind words are helping me to recover quickly and I promise I will be back in action to make a fantastic show at the Groene Engel in Oss next Friday” .

European Tour Consortium Project


Press Release / Ian Parry is proud to announce the Consortium Project line-up for their 2008 European and Brazilian tour. After the successful release of the new Consortium Project IV cd in Europe, the USA and Brazil, Ian and colleagues will be touring live with a great new Consortium band.

The European line-up is as follows:
Ian Parry – lead vocals (Elegy/Ayreon/Hammerhead); Dirk Bruinenberg – Drums (Adagio/Elegy); Joshua Dutrieux – Keyboards & guitar (Elegy); Niels Vejlyt – Lead guitar (Danish masterclass guitarist); Kristoffer Gildenlöw – bass guitar (Pain of Salvation); Erna auf der Haar – female backing vocals .

During the live shows Ian plans to record a number of shows for a live DVD + c.d. for release later in 2008

Thank you from Ian to Ayreon Fanclub

Saturday 15th September Ian made an appearance for a meet and greet at the Ayreon Fanmeet arranged by Ayreon’s official fanclub in Amsterdam.

Quote Ian: It was a very well organised and enjoyable afternoon and I just want to thank Leon and all the fanclub members including the live band who did a great job on stage.

Ian just back from Copenhagen Denmark

Ian just back from Copenhagen Denmark

Ian recorded a number of lead and backing vocal parts as special guest on the new Royal Hunt Paradox II c.d. together with Dougie White (Rainbow). In addition Ian filmed a short interview and a few live vocal parts on video for a behind the scenes DVD.

Founder member and keyboard player Andre Andersen expects to release the new Paradox II c.d. sometimes in the Spring of 2008. So expect an update about Andre and his new colleagues from Royal Hunt in a news flash soon. For more info go to