Crystal tears CD release parties in Greece were a big success

Crystal Tears C.D. Presentation Argy’s bar Thessaloniki Friday 17th September 2010

Check out the new Crystal Tears “Nightmare Serenade” video on MTV Headbangers ball Greece
click here for the MTV Crystal Tears video link

Well to my delight finally Friday evening came and it was the BIG event for Crystal Tears and the c.d. release party and being the singer in the band naturally I was there and what a night. More than 300 fans and friends came out in force to support C.T. and the release of the new Generation X c.d.
The atmosphere and support was amazing and the excitement from everyone when we presented the 1st new song came as a complete surprise. It was not just a band and some fans, but one huge happy family. Chrisafis (drummer and founder member) together with the owners of Argy’s bar down town Thessaloniki organized a lottery evening for the release party and everyone had the chance to win a free cd or t-shirt which went down a treat. You can image the feedback and response we got when we presented the new Nightmare Serenade video. Woh what a blast; what a band and what a bunch of cool people from Thessaloniki who were strong in numbers and showed their admiration and support for Crystal Tears. My heart felt thanks go to all who have supported the band for many years and my glass was lifted high with gratitude (a few too many times as you can image ha! ha!).
A memory I am going to cherish for years to come. Thanks to Argys bar; thanks to the fans and friends of Crystal Tears and thanks also to my collegaues and friends from Crystal Tears for an amazing night and to our amazing Greek fans for an Amazing Greek metal band which I am proud to be part of. From Crystal Tears and myself Thessaloniki, Kozani and Greece “We salute you”

The new Crystal Tears c.d. Generation X album released June 2010.

Generation X is the title of the new Crystal Tears c.d. released worldwide via 7 Hard Records Germany.
Quote Ian: “Ït comes as a fantastic surprise that the new Crystal Tears Generation X c.d. is receiving incredible reviews worldwide. What better way is there to celebrate 25 years in music. I am so proud of Crystal Tears for making an incredible album. I know how hard they have worked and now together we are really looking forward to the up coming live shows starting in Greece from September 2010”.

This fantastic melodic metal album is Ian’s 20th release celebrating a career of 25 years recording and singing rock metal.

Artist: Crystal Tears Title: Generation X
Label: 7Hard Cat. No.: 7H-033-2