NEW ROCK EMPORIUM 2 studio album recorded in 2020 and now being mixed at Sonic Temple Studio Italy.

Studio sessions & musicians performing on the Rock Emporium 2 album coming in 2021

After only 6 months of writing and recording sessions with some of the best musicians and singers across Europe and the USA, Ian has finally finished what he thinks is one of his most powerful Rock Metal albums of his career. Rock Emporium 2 features co-writer songs with newcomers to the Rock Emporium family, Luca Sellitto (Stamina) and Bob Wijtsma (Ex Libris/ Ayreon/ Ladrah) plus guest musicians in alfabetical order: 

Jan Bijlsma (Vengeance/Consortium Project); Barend Courbois (Blind Guardian); Enrico Cianciusi (Headless); Walter Cianciusi (Jeff Tate Band/Headless) Kris Gildenlow (Pain of Salvation/ Dial); Ivar De Graaf (Within Temptation/Kingfisher Sky); Dimitris Goutziamanis (Crystal Tears/ Rock Emporium 1); Beth Ami-Heavenstone (Graham Bonnet Band); Martin Helmantel (Elegy/ 7 miles to Pittsburgh) Svante Henryson (Malmsteen); Kalin Jechev (Ani Lo Project/ Rock Emporium 1); Patrick Johanson (Malmsteen); Dario Parente (Headless); Erik Palmqvist (Von Baltzer); Patrick Rondat (Jean Michel Jarre/ Consortium Project/ Elegy); Allan Sorensen (Pretty Maids/ Royal Hunt); Luca Sellitto (Stamina); Timo Somers (Delain); Bob Wijtsma (Ex Libris/ Ayreon/ Ladrah); Jeroen Van Der Wiel (Thirteen/ Rock Emporium 1); Sander Zoer (Delain/ Robby Valentine/ Leah), plus special guest singers; Wade Black (Crimson Glory/ War of Thrones); Antonio Giorgio; Ani Lozanova (Ani Lo project/ Consortium Project) & Stefano Sbrignadello (Stamina). more news coming in 2021.

Vocal & choirs recording sessions 2020 finished for Rock Emporium 2