Consortium Project V – ‘SPECIES′ 2011

Consortium Project V – ‘SPECIES′ 2011

Ian Parry has signed a 5 album worldwide license deal with Lion Music Finland for the new Consortium Project V “Species” album and the complete 4 album Consortium Project Quadrilogy Remasters, incudling bonus tracks and special guest performances from members of Kamelot, Elegy, Vanden Plas, Halford, Within Temptation and many more.

“Species” is a culmination of brutal and melodic Symfo-gothic-power metal at its best. It is already the 21st worldwide album release from Ian celebrating a career of over 25 years in the world of rock & metal.

Quote Ian: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported the Consortium Project V and Quadrilogy albums. It is a challenge this time around to write and produce the best and heaviest of all 5 Consortium albums. I really want to emphasis the fact that in my conceptual story women save the world. This is why I want more involvement from these great female vocalists on Consortium V ‘Species’

A detailed list of musicians performing Species

Ian Parry – lead & harmony vocals (Elegy, Ayreon,Vengeance)
Stephan Lill – guitars (Vanden Plas)
Niels Vejlyt – guitars (Infinity Overture)
Lene Petersen – Female vocals (Infinity Overture)
Casey Grillo – Drums (Kamelot)
Kris Gildenlöw – Bass (Pain of Salvation)
Jens Faber – Bass (Dawn of Destiny)
Veith Offenbaecher (Dawn of Destiny)

Special guest:
Markus Teske – Keyboards (Red Circuit)

Introducing newcomers:
Ani Lozanova – Female vocals (Ani Lozanova Project)
Kalin Jechev – Piano & keyboards (Ani Lozanova Project)
Peter-Jan Kleevens – Keyboards (Hammerhead)

Recorded and mixed by Marcus Teske & Ian Parry at the Bazement Studios in Germany.

The Songs

1. Epilogue (Storyteller) 1:25
2. Life On Earth 3:50
3. Origins Of Mankind 3:58
4. The Worst Has Yet To Come 4:24
5. An Untold Message 3:40
6. To The Earth And Back 6:00
7. Sirens 3:31
8. Pitch Black 3:46
9. Silence Calling 4:08
10. Species 5:22
11. Enemy Within 3:02
12. Oracle 5:13

The Story

Consortium Project 5 “Species” is brain child of singer producer Ian Parry. It is his fifth and final part of his fictional concept story set centuries in the future where the truth of mankind’s origins is discovered and a final epic journey into outer space is met with dire consequences the world had never seen.

1. Epilogue (storyteller):
As the sirens sounded and alarm bells rang out globally, the inevitable had begun. The first wave of Alien ships swooped down like birds of prey. Mankind’s nuclear arsenal was no match against this unknown species. Retaliation only added more misery and injury to all who dare strike back, as these superior battle cruisers sailed effortlessly through the air. In retaliation mankind’s own nuclear bombardment triggered a macabre series of events. Nuclear fusion ignited a vacuum of toxic waste exploding with such immeasurable force; it would light the night skies red.
What started as an innocent scholar’s dream to retrace mankind’s origins (Consortium 4) had opened a Pandora’s box (Consortium 1) leading the human race into an era of uncanny silence. By turning back the pages of time we can see how events unfolded. A scholar (now a middle aged man) continued his life time search for mankind’s origins. In doing so he uncovered treasures hidden deep within the remnants of Egyptian pyramids. While sifting through many artefacts, hieroglyphics lay amongst the many treasures. On deciphering these ancient illustrations the images seemed to be (in layman’s terms) tales of visitors from the skies above. Visitors from beyond the realms of human existence, whom some 2,000 thousand years earlier, (according to the illustrations or cave paintings made by pre-historic man), were the first inhabitants of planet Earth. Not man nor ape, but Alien beings or extra terrestrial biological entities. Their biological and physical immune system made it impossible for them to inhabit planet earth for any long periods of time.

And so with one agenda in mind to create an Alien Human hybrid capable of sustaining “Life on earth”, they embarked on a colossal colonization and rebreeding programme. Our Alien ancestors systematically filtered out the weaker species until they found a stable breed. One which could withstand the planets terrain and changing climates? A species which could by all accounts, sustain life through a natural evolutionary pre-selection process.

And so the Hyman or human species was created and the birth of the“Origins of Mankind”. Having fulfilled their task, our ancestor’s left planet earth to let nature complete mankind’s evolutionary path.

The concept that mankind was a direct result of alien breeding programs could be so revolutionary, but the repercussions within this now peaceful society could send irreversible shock waves throughout their community. The scholar’s quest for the truth was too irresistible. He continued further excavations within the pyramids maze of corridors to find an even more surprising discovery. Could it be that “The Worst Has Yet To Come”?

Historical data now dormant and hidden in highly classified secret vaults contained evidence of a visitation during the late 1940’s, when an Alien craft containing two living entities had apparently crash landed. On close examination military physicians determined though alien in origin, both beings were monocots and could produce their own off-spring. Unisexual in nature they had an uncanny clone like resemblance to mankind. Hermaphrodites were not uncommon in the new world. It was through similar methods of human cloning (Consortium 3), which had helped keep the human species alive. Even more astounding were classified secrets containing knowledge and evidence that the alien DNA was identical to our own human DNA. A film or interview with the Entity (Consortium 1) an alien living creature also existed revealing the reason for this visitation. As our alien ancestors feared mankind’s aggressive nature would lead to our own self-destruction. They came back to planet Earth to stop the Hyman species as they named mankind from further developing a nuclear arsenal, which could destroy everything our ancestors had created. However the military’s response was to shoot down this Unknown Flying Object and in doing so our ancestors seeing the Hyman’s response left planet earth and its hostile species well alone, never to return. These phenomenal relics from a past age of reverence with an almost holy personage, had survived all custom and belief. A belief through the generations, that we were not alone in the universe. The general consensus within the ruling corridors of power was the public must not be made aware of such knowledge. This could cause mayhem, so the truth as always never saw the light of day.
The scholar astonished by such revelations was now desperately in search for the truth.As always just when one undisclosed page of historical data was opened another closed and the trail had ended. No trace of the alien bodies could be found and all clues vanished except one. The one remaining option was the Alien craft our ancestors used to bring “An Untold Message”.

This meant but one thing? The search must continue beyond the sanctity of earth and deep into outer space, which until now was an uncharted realm. The scholar devised a system using the same techniques he developed for deciphering parts of the ancient scriptures, to power up and fly this alien vessel.
How to find our ancestors planet was also no easy task. He remembered passages written by a 16th century voyager known as Nostradamus, in the scholar’s 1st findings together with the original twelve stone tablets (Consortium 3). These contained similar references and markings mapping out a far off planet or world outside our own solar system. So into the unknown the scholar travelled to finally put an end to all the speculation (as many had believed for centuries), to once and for all confirm the existence of another race of people.

Our Alien ancestors with their uncanny resemblance to our own species had travelled “To The Earth And Back” , giving birth to our world and our kind. Was the scholar’s search completed? Our alien ancestors gave praise to the scholar as the chosen one who had been pre-selected and given telepathic abilities, similar to their own. A task was set to see if he could use his somewhat unearthly extraordinary talent to piece together this enormous puzzle, enabling him to succeed on his personal quest. By developing a method to decipher our ancestor’s alien language, the scholar using his sixth sense was able to operate the alien craft and discover our ancestor’s planet. In doing so he inadvertently saved his own life and ultimately the lives of many.

The human race sadly was doomed to fail in its attempt to protect life. Man introduced man made viruses back in 2010 killing millions with a simply common cold virus known as Swine flu. While the few were trying to preserve what was left of nature, the powerful few started a nuclear arms race, which inevitable lead to a third world war. All of mans actions were based on wealth and power deals. Changing oil for eco friendly fuels only fuelled tensions as stocks plummeted in the 21st century and banks collapsed. And whilst change breeds contempt (Consortium 1), later paranoia would do the rest.
And so the truth although harsh may never be what it seems. Unlike myths and legends this scholar’s tale would not have a happy ending, but a Macabre twist. The reason our Alien ancestors brought life to earth was simply. Aliens flew to earth as an experiment to watch mankind destroy itself after we rejected their offer to help. They explained we were put here as a test to see if the human race could survive peaceably together. Instead as they predicted we failed their test miserably. Our alien ancestors realising the detection of their own planet could jeopardise their own world, could not at any price have their whereabouts revealed to the failed hyman species.

Fortunately the scholar’s life was speared, but this was not the case for those in a far off distant planet. Back on earth the “Sirens” sounded as a global attack began. Our ancestors protecting their own existence swooped down like birds of prey obliterating the planets surface. Their objective was clear. Whatever the cost, remove and eradicate the hyman species and all trace of life from the planet.

Their battle cry “no-one must survive”. Destroy every living creature and turn the planet “Pitch black”.

The scholar in horror, because of the consequences of his actions used his telepathic abilities to read the minds of our alien ancestors. Seeing the tyranny and carnage that lay ahead he managed to escape from this unholy world and returned to earth only to find the planet deadly silent with an uncanny “Silence Calling” from beyond the grave. Once again darkness lingered, never before seen in the scholar’s life time. Only the Neofems (Consortium 2) knew this kind of emptiness after they split the species apart many centuries before. Now the only solution to save planet earth on the brink of extinction was to move the chosen few into the sanctity of the biosphere (Consortium 2). The skies where once again black and the clouds closed completely shut as the sunlight disappeared.

History would be repeated unlike the past, when mankind’s greed had created a toxic environment polluting the atmosphere. This time the atmosphere globally once pure in essence now suffocated slowly. The survival of mankind once again was paramount. The Elders still being the great theologians from this once peaceful world (Consortium 3) had no other choice, but to retaliate. In desperation they resorted to firing weapons from the old nuclear arsenals into the skies above. This however created an atomic chain reaction, unleashing burning gases into the night skies with a devastating effect to the environment. Mankind would have no choice but to return to the sanctity of the biosphere (Consortium 2), that is if our alien ancestors with their superior fire power didn’t wipe out mankind first.

In a final attempt to save his people and return his world to its once peaceful glory, the scholar tore through the scriptures this time with malice to see if the writings would bring forth the ultimate truth. While the scholar’s innocence helped save his own life, a fundamental fluke in our genetics slowly infected our ancestor’s once again. The same genetical defect our alien ancestors were unsuccessful to replicate in their biology had killed the first alien visitors back in the 1940’s. Now nature; our atmosphere and subsequently our human genetical defect, had altered our biology protecting the human “Species” prolonging our survival.

Unbeknown to our ancestors a simply cell containing deadly contaminants known in the annals of history as Swine fly, had been transferred from man to our alien ancestors. Ironically “The Enemy Within” came in the form of an anti-body from the scholar’s DNA which was innocently introduced amongst the alien population. This once harmless genetic anti-bacterial defective cell, systematically poisoned each and every alien being. As fate would have it our ancestors (whom had developed our human genome containing anti-bodies resistant to such viruses), had in effect caused their own demise.

It is said truth can come in many forms, sometimes strange and when you least expect it. As fate would have it a new chapter would be written. A final untold chapter was written and the “Oracle” of man would unfold before his very eyes. In real time events would show that fate would be mankind’s salvation. And so the world was saved once again from destruction. The many questions had finally been answered. Speculation and disbelief was no more. A period of healing began. Now time and nature would do the rest. IAN PARRY MMX


Consortium Project V “Species” is in essence a conceptual masterpiece.

For those of you who haven’t yet seen the Consortium 5 video “Enemy Within” click here.