Consortium Project III – ‘Terra Incognita – The Undiscovered World′ 2000

Consortium Project III - 'Terra Incognita - The Undiscovered World

A detailed list of musicians performing Terra Incognita – The Undiscovered World

Ian Parry – lead &harmony vocals (Elegy, Ayreon,Vengeance)
Stephan Lill – guitars (Vanden Plas)
Casey Grillo – drums (Kamelot)
Joshua Dutrieux – Piano & Keyboards (Elegy)
Jan Bijlsma – bass guitar (Vengeance)

Special Guests:
Mike Chlasciak – guitar (Halford)
Sascha Peath – guitar (Heavens Gate)
Ingeborg Wieten – female vocals (Dutch TV actrice)

Introducing newcomers:
Judith Rijnveld – Female vocals (Kingfisher Sky)
Brenda Davis – Female vocals (Sequel)
Robert Finan – bass guitar (Sequel)

The Songs

1. The Council Of Elders 4:11
2. Spirit Of Kindness 3:30
3. The Ark (Of The Covenant) 5:06
4. Lost Empire 5:12
5. Reductio Ad Absurdum 6:09
6. White Sands (California Lighthouse) 3:31
7. Great Exploration 4:08
8. Across The Seven Seas 5:48
9. Nemesis 5:15
10. Beyond The Gateway Of Legends 7:50
11. Terra Incognita (The Undiscovered World) 6:54

The Story

It has been more than 375 years since the effects of global warming, and the depletion of the Ozone. The results were catastrophic. Worldwide air pollution and extremely low temperatures, forced the Neofems to seek permanent refuge. Communication with the outside world was no-longer possible. Cocooned in the safety of their biosphere, the planet continued through the centuries frozen in time.

Now known as the Bio-Domain, the 4th generation children are now “ The Council of Elders”. A peaceful society ruled by it’s “Spirit of Kindness”. The ways of old are obsolete. Mere stories handed down from one generation to the next. As though by chance, a discovery is made. Buried within the foundations of the biosphere, a stone casket is uncovered. A biblical structure, believed by many to be “The Ark” (of the covenant). It contained numerous scriptures and a map, magnificently carved on twelve stone tablets, describing a “Lost Empire” (this empire being of the old world) and the existence of males referred to as the Outsiders.

Reductio ad Absurdum – theory

Quickly a Bio-Domain meeting is held, to discuss and debate what came to be known as the “Reductio ad Absurdum” theory. It is therefore concluded that these stone tablets containing scriptures written in an ancient but native tongue, are in fact prophecies. True predictions from the past and a forecast of what shall be. Past and future events yet to come. Within the scriptures a tale is told about the existence of an island far away. A haven surrounded by a ring of pure White Sands. There once lived a native Indian race who built a monument on the Northern coast, they named (California Lighthouse). Mysteriously they disappeared, leaving only their language written in stone. Could the key to finding the answers lie in this mystical place, silently waiting to be discovered.

A decree is made for a “Great Exploration”, to venture outside the protection of the biosphere and “Across the Seven Seas”. It’s task to seek out the truth. As did the monomales long before, wishing to face their own fears in search of their “Nemesis”. Crossing this barren land, their journey revealed remnants of a distant past. Towns and once great cities, all frozen in time. The return of the Ice age.
They had reached a point of no return. There ahead, lay a gateway into the realms of myths. Battling against their own fears, they continued on this dangerous journey. Far, far “Beyond the Gateway of Legends”, to where it is written lies “Terra Incognita” (The undiscovered world).
The Council of Elders consists of several levels. Each member or Elder meticulously chosen on merit, and honesty, for there are no personal gains.

Each with their our important task, but interdependent like the links of a chain. Systematically, the Elders pass between levels, moving higher and lower in the chain of command. This gives each candidate equal opportunity in the decision making process.

A spirit of kindness can be felt throughout this Neo-race. Their one and only aim, is the preservation of the bio-domain. Material nor financial greed has any relevance in this new world, nor suffering or pain. The average life expectancy, is well over 125 years. This is mainly due to a germ free environment, created inside the biosphere. The entire Neo-race have come to understand the problems of the past, accepting that dividing society into 2 separate species, was the only solution at that time.
Due to seismic activity and movement in the Earth’s crust, maintenance work was carried out on the biosphere’s foundations. Euphoria spread throughout the entire bio-domain, when it was revealed that a magnificent stone casket was uncovered. At first the connection wasn’t made, due to limited historical data. It was agreed centuries before by the Neofems (the original Elders), that religion would not play a significant role in the new world. Too many wars had been fought in the name of religion. The survival of the species was more important, and thus biblical references weren’t considered. Until that is, a scholar came forward with a book of religious teachings, which he’d inherited. The Elders soon realised that what they infact had stumbled upon, was the biblical ark of the covenant.
Careful examinations of the contents were made. Entombed in the casket, were twelve perfectly preserved stone tablets. Ancient scriptures were carved on each template, describing the existence of a lost empire. This being Earth in the pre-Neofem era. The outsiders as they were referred to in the scriptures, were an all male race. The existence of a monomale society, was of enormous significance to the inhabitants of the bio-domain. There was still a longing in the hearts of many to re-unite the species. This would be seen as the ultimate achievement. Not adopting the weaknesses of the past, on the contrary. Integration would be the answer.

A bio-domain forum & subsequent meetings were held. The proposition or theme, reductio ad absurdum. Countless discussions debating the many theories and aspects of morality, right and wrong, fact or fiction. These were the questions to be debated and answered. A conclusion is finally reached, based mainly on fact. Although ancient in origin, the scriptures were written in native tongue, thus enabling the writings to be deciphered. It revealed their true value. These weren’t mere prophecies, but accurate predictions of past and future events yet to come.

Within the scriptures written in an ancient language, a tale is told. A fascinating tale about the existence of an island far away. A haven surrounded by a ring of pure white sands, where once there lived a native Indian race. As one, they fished the deep blue seas in perfect harmony with nature and the land. Their prosperity grew, because of their gift to enhance the sun’s power. To pay homage these children of the sun goddess, erected a monument on the tip of the Northern coast. This sacred area, they named California Lighthouse. Mysteriously and without reason, this peace loving race disappeared, leaving only their ancient language written in stone. Could it be that the answers lie in this far off mystical place. A holy grail, waiting to be discovered. A key to unlock the mysteries of the world.

A decree by the Council of Elders was issued. The neo-race would embark on a great exploration. This would be no ordinary task. Traces of toxins in the Earth’s atmosphere, were still detected outside the biosphere. This brave but arduous journey, would be a battle against the elements across land and sea.

The stone tablets with their magnificent carvings of a map, held the key. They showed in great detail, a route or safe passage across the seven seas to the small Island of white sands and beyond. This endeavour although brutal and dangerous, was a small price to pay. In retrospect, nothing compared to the danger faced for centuries by the outsiders (monomales).
History showed long before, that the outsiders were cast out from society in disgrace. Could it be that they finally found retribution, during their lonely and treacherous journey. A search for retribution facing fear of the unknown, their nemesis. Now the Neo-race were about to repeat that journey. Venturing out into unknown territory. Crossing a land believed to be the birth place of Pharaohs.
As they crossed this barren land, each path followed revealed remnants of a distant past. Historic buildings, towns and once great cities all frozen in time. The slow depletion of the ozone had created extreme low freezing temperatures. The return of the Ice age. Eventually they had reached a point of no return. There ahead lay a gateway. An entrance into the realms of myths, which before existed only as a fictional tale. On passing far beyond the gateway of legends, a dramatic change took place. It was as though with a wave of a magic wand, the dark skies suddenly cleared. The frozen ice began to thaw, revealing signs of life. The sand dunes turned to grassy meadows with tall trees and forests, the like they had never before seen.
It soon became clear. As if by some freak of nature, the atmosphere in this entire region had stabilised. A protective shield of sorts had formed, with stable levels of ozone helping to sustain life. Climbing the highest peaks, there in the valley below lay Terra Incognita. An undiscovered world, where the monomales had made their home. Through the centuries, they adapted their ways, and learnt to control their aggression. Using techniques for human cloning developed before the 21st Century, they were able to create new life.

Thus our species again was one. The reunification of our species was a smooth transition. Monomales and Neofems worked together for the preservation of all, their own human kind. So it would be, as the truth was written long before. Mankind had learnt it’s lessons the hard way and history would never again be repeated.