PENTALOGY – Contains 50 remastered tracks taken from the 5 Consortium Project albums in one download via CD BABY!

“I thought it was great to celebrate my birthday remastering 50 of the most powerful tracks from my 5 Consortium Project albums and share Pentalogy with everyone. A special 50 tracks for the price of one album. Hope you like it Cheers”.


“Pentalogy” a conceptual Sci-Fi masterpiece written & produced by Ian Parry available via CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon Spotify & partners.

“Pentalogy” contains 50 melodic symfo gothic-prog rock-metal tracks on 1 download album featuring members of: Halford, Within Temptation, Kamelot, Blind Guardian, Elegy, Ayreon, Jean Michel Jarre & many more. Pentalogy is available via CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon Spotify & partners.


Ian founded Consortium Project back in 1999 starting with Consortium Project I ‘Criminals & Kings‘ (featuring performances from Ayreon, Kamelot and Vanden Plas members). Consortium Project II ‘Continuum in Extremis‘ in 2001 (featuring Rhapsody bassist Patrice Guers, members of Elegy and French guitar virtuoso Patrick Rondat). Consortium Project III ‘Terra Incognita‘ (The Undiscovered World)’ featuring performances from guitarist Mike Chlasciak (Halford) and many more, then Consortium Project IV ‘Children of Tomorrow (featuring former Within Temptation drummer Ivar de Graaf & Wintersbane guitarist Lou St Paul).

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